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Modern Decks for

Next Gen Presentations.
AI-native. Stunning by default.

Modern Teams

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Never face a blank slide again.

Turns ideas into decks instantly.
No design experience required.

Type in a prompt and watch a stunning presentation unfold before you.
Pick a template, answer a few questions, and get a stunning presentation in seconds.
Write your story, or paste content from a doc or webpage -  go from draft to deck in no time.

Magic Creation meets Frictionless Design

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No-stress design

Drop in ideas and watch them take shape magically, aided by AI that handles design. Zero stress.
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A template for every idea

Thousands of pre-built slides automatically matched to showcase your idea.

Your story. Your style

Intuitive AI-assisted controls and a wide palette of themes allow you to customize your story to uniquely fit your brand.

Built for modern teams to do great work together

Simplifies collaboration for remote teams, allowing you to request feedback, assign tasks, and track presentations seamlessly – all from your workspace.

Give your team a single hub to discuss ideas, make decisions and share feedback - host meetings and edit together in real time.
Manage your team's access to information. Extend invitations to guests for collaborative work on specific documents.
Assign slides and tasks to your team members. Allow them to submit inputs from anywhere. Add reactions and comments.
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Shareable links

Efficiently manage feedback by sharing links, not files

Present anywhere

Deliver decks on Zoom, or in-person. Control access, track effectiveness.

Slide analytics

Track engagement and impact of your content

Everything you need to tell your story, in one place

Generate slides, edit to perfection, publish to win - that's how you'll roll with Presentations.AI

Everything you need to make a great deck — from advanced design options to data integrations — right at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to create work you’re proud of.
Built-in style and layout variations that you can toggle to quickly visualize your content in different ways. Switch back any time.
Centralize company collateral and automatically apply a consistent brand to all your documents.
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A complete platforms for presentations