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What is Beautiful.AI?

Beautiful.AI is an AI-powered presentation software. It attempts to be fast and easy for users, and its goal is to build clean and modern slides.

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What is Presentations.AI?

Presentations.AI is the first and only AI-native presentation tool that leverages AI to let you create high-quality slides effortlessly.

Beautiful AI vs Presentations AI

Beautiful.AI has a rating of 2.5 / 5 stars vs Presentations.AI which scores 4.5 / 5 stars.

Compare the similarities and differences between these two AI presentation software options based on features, ease of use, customer service, and value for money.

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Overall score
Ease of use 2.5/5 4.5/5
Value for money (pricing details below) 1/5 5/5
Design quality 3/5 4.5/5
Pre-set templates
A limited range of stock images and icons
Limited manual customization of templates
Limited text to presentation conversion
Allows basic content import/export
Professional templates but limited options
AI generated presentations and templates
Vast libraries of images and icons
AI-powered customizable templates
Import any type of document and convert into a deck
Brand-sync to ensure compliance with corporate brand
Head to head Comparison
AI features are marginal
Limited template library
Low quality PowerPoint export
Does not support advanced features like animations without manual effort
AI is at the center of every feature
Extensive template library
High quality PowerPoint export
Support advanced features like animations automatically through AI.
Pricing range

No free plan - no option to try meaningfully before you buy.

Paid plan with all features costs $40 per user per month - For ten users, the cost is $4,800 per year

Free plan for 5 presentations.

Pro starts at $16/month - volume discounts and purchasing power parity discount applicable for other countries. For ten users, the cost is $396 per year - 90% more cost effective than Beautiful.ai

How does Beautiful AI work

An AI-powered presentation software designed to automate the design process, making it easy for users to create visually compelling presentations.

With smart templates that adapt as you add content, Beautiful AI ensures that presentations look professionally designed without the need for manual adjustments.

Beautiful.ai offers a Slide Library feature that provides a selection of pre-designed slide templates to help users create presentations more efficiently. However, the slides can’t be tailored automatically to audience preferences and may not adhere to detailed brand guidelines in most cases.

Further, users are not guided on what slides are best suited for any business concept. Beautiful.ai also has a DesignerBot, an AI tool that automates the creation of presentation slides from user inputs. Despite its efficiency in generating slides, it has limitations in brand consistency.

Beautiful.ai allows users to export presentations to PowerPoint but these files are often riddled with errors around missing fonts, overlapping layouts and inconsistent quality.

Why Presentations AI is the best alternative to Beautiful AI

Presentations.AI is the best alternative to Beautiful AI - it offers far more powerful AI capabilities and ensures that every single presentation is automatically aligned with your corporate brand and theme. You can further hyper-personalize your presentation to fit a specific audience.

Unlike Beautiful.AI, Presentations.AI has a generous free plan that allows you to try out its features before deciding to upgrade. The paid plan for Beautiful.AI is ten times more expensive than that of Presentations.AI. Equally importantly, PowerPoint files exported from Presentations.AI are high-fidelity and work wonderfully without requiring users to install missing fonts unlike Beautiful.ai.

How to use Beautiful.AI


Step 1: Sign up at Beautiful.AI

Beautiful.ai does not have a free tier, but it does have a limited 14-day free trial. Please note that the free trial requires you to enter your credit card details and your card will automatically get charged after two weeks, so remember to cancel if you don’t want to pay. 


Step 2: Setting up

Setting up a trial only takes a couple of minutes and will give you an introduction to Beautiful.ai’s features. This is useful especially because the slide creation and formatting process is different from what you might be used to in traditional presentation tools.


Step 3: Go to the presentation section

Click “Create new presentation” at the top of the screen.

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Step 4: Choose how to build your presentation

You have several options on this screen, including building your presentation from scratch, starting with a template, or using Beautiful’s AI to build you a draft. For the purpose of this guide, click “Designer Bot AI” on the left side.

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Step 5: Tell Beautiful.ai what you want and build your presentation

Designer Bot will build your presentation based on a prompt that you give it. The prompt is a description of what you want the presentation to be. Learn more about generating presentations from prompts. Beautiful.ai gives you three ways of telling it what you want: 

Write out the prompt in your own words. This will allow you to get specific about your needs. However, you may not know how to optimize your prompts for this specific AI.
You can try using a pre-selected prompt. This won’t give you a lot of flexibility, but it is a great way to try it out the first time.
Dictate your prompt. This feature should be your last choice – dictation doesn’t always pick things up right, which could result in a presentation you don’t want.

presentationsai vs beautiful ai

How to use Presentations.AI


Step 1: Sign up at Presentations.AI

Presentations.AI has a free tier that lets you create as many as five presentations before you decide to upgrade. If you don’t like the experience, you are under absolutely no compulsion to pay a single cent. 


Step 2: Setting up

Setting up an account takes less than 30 seconds and you can easily and quickly see the product’s features and quality for yourself. 


Step 3: Go to the dashboard section

Click “Create new presentation” at the top of the screen. 


Step 4: Choose how to build your presentation

You have several options on this screen, including building your presentation from an outline, choosing a template, or using AI to convert an idea or topic into a draft. You can also import Word or PDF documents. 


Step 5: Review the outline

Presentations.AI generates a detailed outline from your prompt or imported document. You can review this and edit the text or re-arrange the slide order. Once you are happy with the broad outline, you can generate your deck with a single click.


Step 6: Get a stunning deck in a matter of seconds

Presentations.AI converts the outline to an impactful deck that is automatically mapped to your corporate brand (if any) and your audience. Beyond just text and images, Presentations.AI automatically layers on animation and transitions to enhance your deck from a simple slideshow to a stunningly-choreographed narrative. All of this, without requiring you to spend any time or effort.

Top Alternatives to Beautiful.AI

While Beautiful.ai is a fairly popular tool, it is by no means the best AI presentation tool. If you would like to explore other options, we have gathered some alternative AI presentation tools below.

  • Tome vs Beautiful AI: Tome – an alternative to Beautiful.ai for a new type of story-telling-oriented presentation
  • Gamma vs Beautiful AI:  Gamma – a Beautiful.ai alternative for polished presentations, documents and websites
  • Simplified vs Beautiful AI: Simplified.com – a Beautiful.ai alternative for presentations with options for creating other document types such as social media ads and banners.

But if you are looking for the best AI presentation tool that was created exclusively and completely for allowing you to effortlessly create amazing presentations, you wouldn’t need to look beyond Presentations.AI. Try the free plan with no strings attached and see for yourself today!

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