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How to create presentations from my documents using AI PPT maker

Say goodbye to expensive presentation designers and precious hours wasted creating slides. Use the power AI to convert any text outline into a stunning deck in minutes.

Step 1: Prompt with a detailed outline

Select a text outline that you would like to transform into a deck. You can copy paste the text from any document, web page or email or simply type it out inside the app.

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Step 2: Customize your options

You can select the number of slides you wish to generate and also specify options such as the language in which you wish the content to be created, the tone of the presentation and the intended audience.

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Step 3: Generate your slides with a single click.

Convert your topic or idea into a deck with a single click! Our powerful AI will customize the presentation to showcase your idea and ensure that other instructions such as language and tone are complied with.
PRO TIP: Try specifying your company brand in the creation flow and be amazed by how our proprietary "Brand Sync" feature automatically applies your branding to your presentation!

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Step 4: Review your work

You can review the presentation as a slideshow - you will notice that your deck is a complete draft with not just content and templates but also with automatic transitions and animations applied.

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Step 5: Make any changes you deem fit

You can expand on the AI-generated draft and effortlessly make any changes you wish to the text, images or layouts from right within the editor. You can also add more slides if you wish to do so.

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Step 6: Share it with the world!

Once you are satisfied with the output, you can share your stunning deck to the world in a number of ways. You can publish it as a link that anyone can view or you can invite selected team mates to view and edit it with you. You can also export it to PDF or a fully-editable PowerPoint if you wish to do so.

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