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We heard that "buzzy AI presentation app, has shut off all AI features for users of its basic plan. Are you one of the users looking for a better option? Well, you’ve come to the right place @ Presentations.AI.

While calling Presentations.AI as just a Tome competitor would be hugely underplaying its capabilities, here are 6 quick reasons why you should switch from Tome to Presentations.AI’s AI presentation builder right now.

idea to deck
It’s free to start, and a minute to create your first presentation

1. Create your AI-driven presentations for free

Use our AI presentation maker to build your first few presentations and stun your audience. No credit card required, no conditions. And if you invite your folks over to your workspace, you get additional credits.

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2. Why limit yourself to 4 layout options per slide, when you have can 100s of options

With Presentations.AI, you get hundreds of layout options per slide, at just a click. Choose from any layout, visual or flow that you want, while we auto-magically rearrange your content based on your selection.

layout options
Hundreds of layout combinations available for you to create the perfect slide
Presentation styles mapped to your context

3. Go beyond black & grey. Own the complete visual appeal of your presentation

Whether you want professional or eclectic, with the click of one button, you can change the complete look & feel of your presentation using our style options. No need to manually specify individual fonts, colors or graphics. One click, and your entire presentation gets a new avataar.

4. Publish the presentation or embed it within your web

Whether you want to publish to the entire world, or share with viewers through restricted access control, we got you covered. And get notifications and analytics on top.

Publish your presentation, with all the controls you want
Our intuitive interface got your covered

5. You’ll feel at home

At Presentations.AI, we know what an AI-native presentation tool should look & feel like. We provide you with the intuitive interface that you’re used - be it the slide explorer or inline editing. Nothing new to learn. Everything is familiar but much more powerful and easy to use.

6. The bonus reason: Want a pixel perfect PPT or PDF to share the traditional way?

No problem, we got your covered. You can instantly generate a PPT or PDF and share with the outside world.

ppt export
Use our pro plans to quickly create PPT or PDF for takeaways

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your first presentation using our AI Presentation Creator here.

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