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Clip-E is back
The Return of the King
ChatGPT is all the rage today but did you know that the OG assistant arrived thirty years back? 

Do you remember Clippy?
Poor paperclip got a bad rep. But not any more…

That's right, our favorite paperclip is back!

This time, he's back with AI superpowers - say hello to Clip-E!

Clip-E is an AI-avatar in Presentations.AI, our amazing presentation app that has the power of AI. Say goodbye to hours of creating slides, and hello to effortless presentations!  With Clip-E's help, you'll create amazing presentations in seconds.

Your AI-powered wingman
for masterful decks!

Effortless creation

Create Magic

With Clip-E, you can turn any idea into an impactful deck. Clip-E's "Generative AI" superpower helps you create stunning presentations instantly.
Assistive AI

Chat With Your Deck

Imagine you want to add a new slide with "a pie chart of the top AI startups". Just tell Clip-E! Watch as he generates a beautiful slide
for you!
Save time

Save Time

We know your time is valuable. Clip-E takes care of all the tedious work, leaving you more time to focus on what really matters - your narrative.
Stay On-Brand

Stay On-Brand

Clip-E's AI brain can match your brand perfectly. Without any manual effort, your presentations will be consistent with your brand every time.

Get Clip-E and make amazing decks now!