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Dead simple. Amazingly powerful.

AI creates stunning decks from a simple text description. It empowers you to create and personalize presentations faster than ever.

Effortless creation
Personalized design
Personalized design
Anti-fragile templates
Seamless sharing
Analytics & tracking
Responsive design
Multi-device compatibility
Live collaboration

Idea to Deck in seconds

ChatGPT for Presentations
Create stunning decks at the speed of thought. You focus on the story. We handle the fine print.

Creative power that goes way beyond templates

Impress your audience with professional and engaging presentations.
Easy to customize. Hard to go wrong.

Brand consistent

Ensure that your presentations match your brand's style and messaging.

Presentations.AI is simple, fast and fun

Idea to Deck
Turn any idea into a presentation instantly. Simply type in a prompt and get a complete presentation.
Form to Deck
Answer a few questions in a simple form - automagically generate a deck with your inputs.
Outline to Deck
Paste your mails, chats, notes into our text editor. You’ve saved the time and avoided the pain of starting a presentation.

Hear what teams around the world saying about Presentations.AI.

The intuitive interface and powerful features make it effortless to bring my ideas to life. The ability to collaborate with my team in real-time has made our process smooth and efficient.
I want my sales team to spend time thinking about high value work, rather than mindlessly recreating decks. Presentations.AI helps them do that.
Marketing Manager
I want my team to spend time on ideating and implementing rather than designing decks. Presentations.AI helps them do that.
Product Manager

Create at the speed of thought.